Celebrating our Company Values at Mount Juliet Hotel


The date is Thursday the 28th of March 2019 and as the sun rises on the Mount Juliet Hotel in Kilkenny, the FRS Recruitment Nationwide team gather to celebrate our values and achievements. The weather is unusually warm for this time of year with the sun having free run of the sky, there’s a feeling we couldn’t have picked a better day to hold our Bi Annual Company Summit. I’m informed that John Miller our Agri Recruitment consultant has attempted to drive onto the Golf Course, frustrated by Google Maps sense of directions, John quickly retreats stating “I won’t hear the end of this”. A minor upset, the setting of Mount Juliet’s grounds quickly takes back into perspective the beauty of this land.

We start off our morning with some light snacks and refreshments with the hustle and bustle of old friends and new reminiscing and recalling past events. Indeed, there’s a positive tone in the air of excitement and wonderment towards the day’s events. We’re introduced by Colin Donnery, summarising an eventful year. Colin is proud to outline that as a group, last year we have achieved 15,000 job placements across our divisions and that he recognises the hard work we have contributed into changing people’s lives. We all agree that in recruitment there’s highs and lows – but there’s no greater feeling than assisting candidates into a new role. Indeed, it can be life changing stuff.

Colin is discussing our ambitions and company visions, introducing Chris Moore founder of ‘Let’s be Moore’, Chris offers an insight on how we can develop strategically as a company. He puts an emphasis on our company values - Integrity, Customer Champions, Diversity, Fairness, Flexibility and Intelligent Innovation. Chris outlines these are the pillars of FRS Recruitment, we’re already doing great work putting both clients and candidates interests before all else, so let’s continue this effort as we grow as a company.

It’s afternoon and the anticipation is growing for the team building event. Our project manager Erin Whittle had the marketing team sworn an oath of secrecy, keeping a closed lid on activities. Although that didn’t stop us from guessing, with talks of all kinds of scenarios at the water cooler. Indeed, the imagination is a powerful thing. Split up into groups and coordinated by Dynamic Events, we’re making the most of the good weather and searching the grounds of Mount Juliet with iPads and GPS hotspots. This game involves trivia, imagination and videos of teams re-enacting hilarious scenarios. We witnessed the imagination of Charlie Byrne as he immersed himself into the role of Julie Andrews in the all-time classic of ‘The Sound of Music’, a site to behold.

Fun Places to Work Ireland

Onto the evening awards and we’re proud to announce the followings winners based on their reflection of our company values

  • Award for Integrity goes to Feargus Young (Senior Technical Recruiter)
  • Award for Customer Champions go to Brian Mahon (Senior Recruitment Consultant)
  • Award for Diversity goes to Martyna Miedzinska (Recruitment Consultant)
  • Award for Fairness goes to Joan FitzGerald (Senior Recruitment Consultant)
  • Award for Flexibility goes to Teresa Tyler (Recruitment Manager)
  • Award for Intelligent Innovation goes to Emma Fenton (Principal Consultant)

Well-deserved indeed.

A special thanks to our following our sponsors, Broadbean, Irish Jobs, Recruit Ireland and Mount Juliet.


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