Your social media fingerprint: don’t get caught out online

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Social media is great for connecting with friends, sharing memories and moments with the people you care about. However, social media is becoming more influential as a way for prospective employers to weigh up potential candidates. With this comes a whole host of ways that you can trip up.

If you’re job hunting you’ll know that there are endless pressures facing you, from getting your CV just right to waiting on answers following an interview. A survey conducted by social media monitoring service Reppler showed that 69% of hiring managers have rejected candidates based on how they portray themselves on social media. It’s important that you don’t let a messy social media presence be another stress on your shoulders.

Follow some of our social media tips here and make sure that your online presence is speaking volumes in your favour!

Keep it professional

We get it. Social media is, inherently, just that…social! So if you’ve enjoyed a few beers at a summer barbeque or had a few too many at a friend’s stag do last weekend, those pictures are bound to end up floating around on your social media profiles. That’s okay though, that’s why we have adjustable privacy settings!

Being able to control who sees what is your best friend when it comes to making sure that your public profile looks professional to prospective employers. And on that note, choose a flattering profile pic… that goes for all platforms! We all put our best face forward on LinkedIn but how is your profile picture shaping up on Twitter? Facebook? It all needs to be considered!

Be interested and interesting

It’s really helpful for hiring managers to see how engaged you are with your industry and how you develop your skill set. If you regularly post links to career or industry relevant content you frame yourself as a passionate individual with a genuine interest in furthering your understanding of your trade.

Network like a pro

It looks great if you are connected with companies and influential figures relevant to your industry. LinkedIn is a particularly good platform to do this on, as you can join groups centred on your industry or skillset or the industry you wish to become a part of. That way you can contribute to conversations and learn from industry professionals.

Why do recruiters like to see this? Because it shows that you are enthusiastic about what you do and you spend your personal time learning more. That will instantly set you apart from the majority of your competition.

No tall tales

We would hope that, by now, you’re keen to impress any potential recruiters online. However, it’s best not to get carried away with that enthusiasm by popping in some cheeky white lies and tall tales about either your qualifications or experience.

This is another tip that is particularly relevant for LinkedIn users. Your profile on LinkedIn should always back-up the CV you use to apply for jobs, and will give you a chance to give extra details about projects and jobs for anyone viewing your profile. We understand the temptation to amplify certain aspects of your career history, but in the long run it never pays off. Be yourself, just the best version of yourself.

Don’t be afraid to be active

Most importantly, don’t be put off the idea of interacting on social media just because someone influential may be viewing your profile. It’s still a social space for you to engage with all kinds of people. It just pays to be aware that when you’re in the process of expanding your network by applying for jobs, that your social profiles work just as hard in selling you as your CV does. So make sure that you’re sending out the right message and presenting yourself in the best light possible.

If you want any more social media recruitment tips or advice on how to conduct an effective job search then get in touch with the friendly team at FRS Recruitment, where one of our consultants will be happy to advise you on your next steps. Or, if you’ve already started on the path to a career change then make sure you sign up to our job alerts service or submit your CV online today. The perfect job could be waiting for you!

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