When is the right time to make a career move?


The thought of changing your career could be overwhelming. You invested a lot of your emotion and personal time into the one you have at present. Does changing, particularly today, really make sense? It is hard to contradict when these ideas keep floating into your mind consistently. You certainly end up asking yourself when it is time for a career move. Only because you are thinking about it, does that mean you must make a change? How will you know it? What you need to focus on is your state of readiness. While change happens around us every day, once you make significant changes, you like to make them if it is right for you. 

Stage One: Early Thinking

You might have been pondering about changing career for a couple of months. It fights you, as there are lots of unknowns. You do not know an alternative or how would you know what those options are. 

Advice: You need to stay where you are. You’re not prepared. Do not be deterred by the worry which creeps up assist is natural when making a change. Utilise your fear to help you to the solutions you like to have so as to set off change or make a choice. 

Stage Two: Serious, Constant Ideas

Now you are finding yourself pondering about this more often as well as weighing your alternatives. You’re asking more questions and thinking through more options. This might last for one year or more. Also, you are starting to see less attachment to your present job, in spite of how good your job is. 

Advice: Allow yourself to spend time looking into thoughts you may have. Collect information from others who are doing stuff you believe are interesting. You are not prepared to jump out of the nest; however, you are prepared to begin looking seriously. 

Stage Three: Restiveness 

Your emotions and your brain are entirely invested in the thought of making a change. You get yourself barely able to stay going in the job or career you have at this point. You need something different, and now you’re virtually impatient. 

Advice: Know your next move in a serious manner. You’re set, and this means that if you find an answer, you’ll know it. Also, you will be prepared to totally commit to it, as your emotional attachment to your existing career is at an end. Once you have to, look for help to assist you to search for the next stage of your career. In case you still have fear, it’s not an indication that you are not ready. It only shows that you have queries you need to answer to assist lessens your internal issues. 

It is likely for you to be the stage one or stage two and never move to another phase. That is fine. What is not fine is not do the work to assist you to understand the difference. The days of a lifetime job are in the past. Keep in mind that you are a human being that enjoys a change in some aspects of your life, and career is a huge part of it. 


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