What are the types of Job Interview?


Job interviews are all about making the perfect matches. Both the employer and the job seeker want to find out whether they fit well. If you are a Jobseeker preparing to take an interview, you can expect one or two interviewing styles. Even though the styles vary, it is important to note that there are some things you must carry out both before and after the job interview to be successful.

Whether you are a hiring manager, recruiter or a job seeker, there are some interviews styles that you should be aware. Behavioural interviews, case interviews, group interviews are some examples.

The traditional job interview

The traditional job interview employs broad questions like, “why would you like to work for us,” and “tell me about your weaknesses and strength.” With those questions, employers want to know if the job seeker has the skills and competencies to do the work, passion, and work ethic and if the job seeker will be an outstanding team player and fit into the organisation.

Behavioural Job Interview

There isn't a difference in the real form of the Behavioural job interview. You will meet with an interviewer and answer some questions. The difference, however, is the kind of interview questions which will be asked.

Behavioural based interviewing is interviewing based upon how the interviewee had acted in specific employment-related scenarios. The logic is that the way you worked previously will foretell how you will operate in the future, past performance predicts future performance.

Case Interview

What exactly is a case interview? During a case interview, the interviewee is presented with a business related situation and made to handle the situation. The business case is usually one that the interviewee may likely experience while employed by the company. However, the interviewer may additionally ask IQ questions or brain teasers that do not relate directly to the business.

This interview style is employed mostly in management consulting and investment banking interviews; case interviews make it possible for interviewees to display their analytical skills and problem-solving skills.

Almost all case interview questions do not have a single "right" answer. The interviewer is more concerned with how the job seeker arrives at his answer. Interviewees are supposed to communicate with the interviewer, asking and clarifying questions in a sequential order to resolve the given problem

Group interview

There are two forms of group interviews. The first type is a situation where several interviewers or a panel interview an applicant. The panel of interviewers usually includes an Hr representative, the manager, and most likely co-workers from the department where one would be working if employed.

The second type is when a number of applicants are interviewed simultaneously by a single interviewer usually the hiring manager. In this situation, you and other candidates would be interviewed jointly, in a group.

Lunch and dinner job interview

One reason employers take job applicants out for lunch or dinner is to assess their social skills or to see if they can deal with themselves gracefully under pressure.

Dining with a would-be employee makes it possible for employers to review their communication and interpersonal skills, in addition to their table manners, in a more relaxed environment.

Table manners do make a difference in this type of interview. Good manners could give you the advantage over other applicants; so, spend some time to practice up your dining etiquette skills.

Competence-based interview

Competency based interview questions demand interviewees give particular examples of instances where they exhibited specific skills or attitudes.

Typically, these questions require interviewees to provide details of a problem or situation, the moves they took to handle the situation and the outcome of the case. Such questions make it possible for the employer to immediately evaluate an interviewee’s mindset, as well as measure how the interviewee handles certain situations.

Interviewers may ask you questions concerning some competencies based on the skills required for the particular job.


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