Tips for Improving Your Email Etiquette


In the technology era, business communication is in a new and higher level. Our business correspondence is now just sent via email. But sadly, many do not realise the difference between using email for the business purpose and using it to communicate with family and friends. The difference they have is significant both in the communication and with the purpose itself.

Being casual is okay with sending messages to your relatives. It does no matter if you use languages that are inappropriate as long as you know that the recipient will be just fine with it too.

However, there is quite a difference with sending business correspondence. When sending a business correspondence, you need to conduct yourself professionally as dictated by the email etiquette. By being too casual, you leave a bad impression on the recipient of the message.

To avoid that, here are some tips that will help you in improving your email etiquette.

Include a subject line that is clear and direct to the point. Most email recipient decides whether to open the message or now with the subject line. If they see that the message they receive concerns their business, then they will likely open it.

Establish a proper manner. Regardless of how much in a hurry you are, you should still show your good manners. Using the words ‘thank you' and ‘please' will never be out of style. In fact, this politeness will be highly appreciated by the recipients. You should also address them using their surname when you do not know the recipient at all or when the relationship between you is formal. If they prefer being addressed by their given name, then they will just correct you.

Watch the tone you use. Your attitude is express through your tone. Conveying it through writing proves to be challenging. But this does not mean that you cannot achieve it at all. Try rereading your draft for several times and think how your words would sound like in the recipient's perspective before you send it for real.

Be concise. Time is valuable, and you should show some respect for it. As much as possible try to convey everything you have to say especially the important details in a brief message.

Use Email Address that is professional. Your employer probably will give you an email address for work-related correspondence. Make sure you use it specifically for business communication proposes.

Correct your grammar and spelling. Before sending your message proofread it carefully. Proper grammar and spelling are essential aside from the good impression it can give. Also, try to avoid using too much text abbreviations. Remember that your message needs to be formal.

In making business correspondence, it is important that you show a proper etiquette even when it is through the email. Always remember that when doing business, you need to maintain your professionalism and formality regardless of media you are using.

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