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Ireland’s economy is undergoing a genuine recovery over the last number of years. Probably the most impressive aspect of the recovery is that we are not finding growth in unstable sectors such as property or finance. In fact Ireland has thrived most recently in our manufacturing base. We have consistently punched above our weight internationally in this area. Within the E.U, manufacturing provides an average of 15% of total GDP. Ireland’s manufacturing sector provides 23% of total GDP. This figure continues to grow. 

Key to this growth is our success in manufacturing through specialization. In particular we are seeing tremendous levels of activity in areas such as Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Micro Electronics and Food. The highest quality standards of course apply in each of these areas. A recent €40 million investment by a medical device manufacturer illustrates this clearly. They require medical devices to deliver their valuable biopharmaceutical drugs to patients. To do this they need a workforce and R&D capability of the highest standing which Ireland clearly possesses. The whole area of R&D is an area that has enormous potential in Ireland. Research and Development Engineers/Technicians are highly valued by many of our clients. 

In the four sectors mentioned above there is zero tolerance for defect. The highest quality standards are a must. Therefore positions such as Quality Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers are crucial positions for so many multinational manufacturers. Indeed they represent the backbone of many of our high profile employers. Some commentary has suggested that it has been far too difficult for these companies to fill some technical positions but thankfully we in FRS Recruitment have been successful in assisting engineers from other sectors (automotive, electronic, aerospace) to move into desirable positions within the Medical Device and Pharma sectors. Our clients have been very clear in telling us that this flexibility is a major factor in their continued investment in Ireland.

These vacancies are spread widely across the regions. The opportunities are there.

If you are a job seeking Manufacturing, Quality or R&D Engineer looking for your next career move or an employer looking for talent, talk to our Manufacturing & Technical Team here in FRS Recruitment.

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    Eurico (Erik) Antunes

    Hi, my name is Eurico Antunes but everyone calls me Erik. Me and my girlfriend (Patricia Vieira) arrived in Cork form Portugal yesterday and we are looking for jobs. We would like to know if you can help us in any way.

    Hope to have a reply.
    Best regards,
    Erik and Patricia.

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