Negotiating a Pay Rise

pay raise

Pay raise can be very hard to get, sometimes a lot of them were not given because they were not asked for. Generally, people are too afraid to ask their bosses for a pay raise, even though they already think that they deserve to get one because they do not like to look selfish or have their managers assume that they are ungrateful for the current pay they are receiving.

If you need a pay raise, and you think that you deserve it, it may be the right time for you to be brave enough and ask for a rise. Believe in yourself that you can do it, and by doing so, you might receive it if you took the right time to ask the right way. Merely going to the office of your boss saying you need a pay raise is not the best way to negotiate and handle the issue.

You are not likely to be successful if you will catch your boss off guard. It would be much better first to contact your boss and make an appointment to talk about your contributions to the business as well as your compensation level. In this way, that will give your boss an idea that you want to discuss an increase, but would also tell him/her that you are aware of what you have contributed to the company and that you are respectful enough of his/her time to be scheduled for an appointment. Those kinds of talks are big plusses to the majority of employers.

When the appointment is already granted, be prepared for the things you want to discuss. You are aware of the things that you have done for the improvement of the company, and you need to be able to explain those facts. Don’t ever talk down to your boss, making the talk seem like your boss is unaware of what you have done for the company. However, you have to remind your boss that you have already accomplished many things and how long it has been since your very last pay increase, or probably your hire date if you have never received any pay raise before. Also tell him/her why you think the pay increase is justified, or how would the company benefit from increasing your pay. Don’t ever make threats saying that you will leave the company or talk about how much the other employees receive, or compare your friends pay the other company that does the same job as yours but paid much more. You need to understand that none of those things will please or impress your boss that would only result in you not receiving any raise, or worse will tarnish your working reputation. Work hard, be respectful, and politely ask your boss about the salary increase and you will be able to receive much more of a chance of knowing increased money for your work and efforts.


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