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So, you have decided to make a change in your career and looking to brand yourself in the best way possible. There’s no better way to showcase your experience and skills than sharing them on LinkedIn. Over 2 million people use the social media platform in Ireland alone, along with over 580 million worldwide. LinkedIn is a massive platform with many different features…

It’s easy to get bogged down in all that LinkedIn has to offer. But remember, its main objective is to facilitate professional networking! There are many ways of doing this; from building your own personal profile, connecting with other professionals in your sector, to even creating and marketing your own business.

Just remember- It's important to remain active on the platform.

LinkedIn for job seekers

Connect with others and introduce yourself:

The main purpose of LinkedIn is to network! Don’t be afraid to reach out and introduce yourself. Invite others in your industry to connect, it is a great way to get different perspectives on the industry and to share one another’s experiences.

Like, comment and share on relevant posts

Another purpose of any social media platform is to enable conversations. Many people share posts, stories, and different updates with their connections on LinkedIn. If the post is relevant to you and your industry, engage with the content by leaving a comment! This will allow you to express your opinion/knowledge and will help you get exposure to others in the industry.

LinkedIn job search

Ask for referrals & endorsements

If your connections know you well or have previously worked with you, ask them for referrals or endorsements! it’s a good way to get ahead of the competition and can be a great way to ‘sell yourself’ to recruiters and hiring managers who may scan your profile.

This can be found at the very bottom of your profile.

Fill in the Gaps:

It's important to add every piece of information from your experience, education and volunteering to your profile. Do your best to add as much relevant content into your current and past positions. Recruiters and hiring mangers look for specific details and not just the job title. You should include your work history for the last 5-10 years at the very least if possible.


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