Leveraging Your Network


Whether you are planning to acquire a higher position or you are an active job seeker, networking is a good approach to find more opportunities and lead you to your wanted professional goals. Networking for job seekers begins with an intention to meet people or organisation and reinvigorating existing relationships that would help you to obtain the desired position. So, how can you leverage your network?

Utilise existing contacts

Existing connections are a valuable support, review your contacts and make a list of those that you believe may be helpful in your job search. Say exactly what you need from your contacts, you should be able to explain to them your experiences, education, and abilities.

Join or be a member of professional organisations

By being a part of a professional group, you have a big chance of meeting people whom you can share your professional goals or common interests. As a member, you can join their activities like conferences, meetings, seminars or workshop where you can showcase your skills. Also, getting connected them will allow you to have more contracts for you networking purposes.

Create A Strategic Online Connection

There is a huge benefit from using social media in expanding your contacts. Employers nowadays are doing excessive posts for their job openings through social media. So, following their social media account will expose you to these jobs hiring opportunities. Also, following their company's websites will enable you to be more knowledgeable about their business and their recent activities where you can seek for an interview.

Follow Industry Blogs

Be informative about the industries where you can spot an opportunity for your job hunting process. Follow or subscribe to their blogs. You will have a closer interaction them which will widen your access in sharing your expertise and skills and let you attract more job offers.

Join Clubs

You will acquire a significant support from joining job searching clubs. By doing this, you can network and share ideas with other members as well to the one who is hiring.

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