Interview Tips


Everyone will experience a job interview at some stage of their career. As nerve-wracking as they may be, a job interview is still the best method for an employer and potential employee to get to know each other and determine if they’re compatible. Here are some helpful tips for your future interviews:

  • Be prepared - Do your research on the organisation, interviewers and the role. Make note of any questions you have and bring them along to the interview. Ask your recruitment consultant for any tips they may have. 
  • Arrive Early – Make a great first impression by arriving for the job interview at least 10 minutes early. This will indicate that you’re well organised and have a keen interest in the position. 
  • Switch off your mobile phone - Switch off your mobile phone or turn down the volume prior to your interview. 
  • Dress Appropriately – Keep in mind that the first impression is extremely important.  Ensure that you’re dressed appropriately for the interview in a clean and pressed outfit and are well groomed. Your recruitment consultant may indicate the dress code of the organisation - try and fit in with this style as this will help the interviewer to see you as part of the team.
  • Bring the Appropriate Paperwork – Have a copy of your CV and any other relevant documentation on hand at the interview. (ie Qualifications, certs, referee details, ID etc). Bring a note pad and pen to take note of any questions you may have during the interview.  

  • Be Professional – It’s crucial to always carry yourself in a professional manner. You should maintain your posture, speak appropriately, maintain eye contact, and have a firm handshake. Keep in mind that this isn’t a casual meeting with your friend, so be professional about everything.

  • Elaborate – Whenever the interviewer asks you a question, try to elaborate your answer. Rather than just saying “Yes”, try to expand on your answer providing specific examples of your previous experience where relevant.

  • Ask Questions – At the end of the job interview, you’ll typically be given a chance to ask the interviewer any outstanding questions you may have.  This is also a good opportunity to confirm your interest in the role - let them know that you very keen (if you are). And remember that the interview is also your opportunity to ensure that the role and organisation are a good fit for you.

Job interviews can be quite stressful - we hope that these helpful tips will alleviate some of this pressure and set you up for success. If your first interview isn't a success, take note of what you could have done differently, to improve in future. Keep in mind that learning from mistakes is still the best method to grow. 

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