How to write a successful CV


There are two different kinds of CVs - the first one being the Chronological CV, which lists your work experiences and qualifications in chronological order. Almost all CVs that people write for their job applications are of this type. The second one is the Skill-based CV, also called the Functional CV, which is used for job applications that require a particular set of skills. Here’s how to write an effective CV for your job application:

Choose The Right Content For Your CV

Your CV should provide all relevant information for your application without being fluffy. Aside from listing your work experiences and qualifications, you also need to include your personal goals and your significant accomplishments. You have to emphasise the relevant information for the type of job you’re applying for and get rid of all irrelevant material.

You may also have accomplished a lot of things which may not be relevant to the job you’re applying for. It would be wise not to include this kind of information so that you can keep your CV focused. Recruiters prefer CVs that are targeted and relevant to the position being applied for. Prepare the basic template that lists your entire educational qualifications, interests, skill sets, and work experiences. For this model, pick the information that’s most relevant to the positions you’re applying for and create your targeted CV.

Make An Impact With Your Choice Of Words

Your CV creates the first impression of you for the Recruiter. Even before you meet with interviewers, your CV has already created a general impression about who you are. Be sure that you have created a positive impact through the choice of your words. Catch their attention and generate enough interest for them to call and schedule you for an interview.

Because your CV is the first line of communication, you need to ensure that your words are impactful but also correct. Be sure that all your CVs are free of grammatical and spelling errors. Using the spell check feature in MS Word lets you quickly weed out mistakes. Afterwards, read through the material again and correct the mistakes that might have been overlooked.

Read the entire CV from start to finish, ensuring that it is smooth-flowing and coherent. Whenever you make a correction, go through the whole CV again to make sure that the overall material paints a great picture. If this is done correctly, you will have a CV that will give you a significant advantage over the other applicants and should help you get a job without experiencing too much difficulty.

Use Professional CV Layout

Sometimes, the packaging is what successfully sells a product. Your CV should read well, and at the same time, look good. Hence, you should use a professional CV layout to make your CV stand out from the rest. Make sure that your documents are also properly laid out and aesthetically look well designed.


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