How to resign from your job


There are times that you will realise you just want to resign from your job but you do not know where to start. Turning into resignation is not easy. It is important that you consider some points before you file your resignation. You must also guarantee that you want to quit your job. Before you make the decision, you must ensure this would be the right choice for you. You must take into account a lot of things to prevent from regrets and the feeling that they want to come back. To avoid this kind of situation, the following are the things that you must consider in quitting your job:

Review the Resignation Cons and Pros

Before you decide to resign, you must make sure that you are making the right decision. If you have another job offer, you must weigh the cons and pros of your new position compared to the current position. You should also consider the flexibility, salary, work environment, and the tasks that will be added to your job responsibilities.

Provide an Adequate Notice

If you are an employee that has an employment contract, it is understood that you know when will your contact expired and you stand for it. However, if you want to quit your job and you cannot stay, it is appropriate to inform your superior two weeks after of your resignation. Write a professional and polished resignation letter.

Return the Company Property

If you are quitting your job, you must return the company property that you have such as phones, computers, documents, keys, and another thing that does not belong to you. The company do not want to chase to get it back.


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