How to make your CV standout

Preparing a standout CV will take a little extra time and effort. Some job seekers in today’s marketplace have a tendency to present poor quality CV's to future employers which severely hampers their chance of securing an interview.
In order to make your CV standout, you need to prepare carefully. As Roy Keane once said ‘ failure to prepare is preparing to fail ‘. You need to think about the information you wish to present in your CV and then present it in a clear, professional and chronological order.
A standout CV will give you a higher % chance of securing an interview. For me, a standout cv is one that is easy to read and one that gives a quick synopsis of your relevant experience. Please avoid the 5 to 6 page CV with an autobiographical structure.
Here are a few tips which will help to make your CV a standout one!
  • Compile your CV using a clearly legible template. Your CV should be easy to read, avoid populating your CV with busy fonts or blinding colours. Ideally, your CV should be no more than 2.5 pages long ( A4 )
  • Structure your CV under the following headings: Personal Details, Education, Work Experience, Achievements to date, Skills & Training & Hobbies / Interests.
  • Structure your CV in chronological order. EG – Highlight your most recent job first and work back from there
  • Please avoid spelling mistakes and use proper punctuation.   
  • Tailor your work experience section to highlight your most relevant experience for the role.
  • Highlight any standout work achievements to date.
In conclusion, its worth keeping in mind that a good CV cannot get you a job but a poorly written CV can prevent you from getting an interview.
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