How to Improve Your Visibility Online


There is no doubt that social media has become an essential component of business today.  As a job seeker you can also leverage the power of social media, increasing your presence online and making the job opportunities come to you.

Here are some useful tips to improve your visibility online:

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a great way to find opportunities, contact recruiters and network within your industry. Globally, LinkedIn is one of the main tools recruiters and employers use to find staff, hence why it is important for you to have a strong presence on LinkedIn and be seen by these employers. 

Create a (free) LinkedIn profile and highlight your previous experience, education and a summary of your key skills and attributes. Ensure that you include a photo in your profile that is professional and current. Your LinkedIn profile should not be a copy of your CV - keep it concise and utilise key words (alternative job titles etc) to maximize your visibility in searches and job matches. 

Once you have created your profile, grow your network and your professional reach on LinkedIn by connecting with peers and industry contacts. When connecting with new contacts send a personalised message for greater impact. You can further increase your reach and network by joining groups and creating and commenting on discussions - remember to keep it professional at all times.  

Other social networking sites

LinkedIn is a professional focused social network, however employers are also utilising sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to advertise jobs and attract candidates.  These medias can assist you to increase your job seeker presence online based on the details in your profile, interests and social activity. Leverage these platforms to showcase your interests, hobbies and expertise and don't post anything that might hurt your professional image.

Create your site or blog

A site or blog is another way to become more visible online and allows you to have full control of your online presence and the image you want to portray. Writing articles and essays on your blog is an excellent way to highlight your expertise and interests.


Optimise your online job seeker profile through social media and the jobs will come to you!

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