How to identify your work skills

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Being able to recognise the skills you have can open you up to more career options. It can also help you work out if you have any knowledge gaps that can be addressed with further training. There are different types of skills: Knowledge-based skills, transferable skills, and interpersonal skills. Most of the times, the skills are not that obvious to recognise. For that, this guide might help you figuring out your work abilities.

Start with the job you currently have

Look at your current job description or previous ones. What are the core competencies for them? Do you think that you excel at this job you have? Or you are having a difficult time?

Interest and Hobbies

Every one of us has interests or hobbies. Whatever they are, we can only achieve through some specific skills. Now identify those talents.

Work Projects

Take a work project you have recently and break it down to elements. Use a recent project in your job that you are a part of and analyse it. Figure out what obstacles you did have to overcome to reach success. After that, think of the actions you took to ensure that your objectives were achieved. Have you succeeded in it? Was it the kind of work project you see yourself be excelling at?

Ask help from someone else

Get a friend or a colleague and ask him of the things that they believe you are good at. Ask them to identify the skills you use to achieve good results in a consistent manner.

Decide on the job you want to do in the future

Since it is your career, think of a job that you want to do. Then, identify the areas that you will have to focus on that job. Will this suit you? So you think that you have enough skill for this job you want to pursue? After this, you can then write your CV.

After this, you can finally identify the core skills that you have. You will also help yourself in identifying knowledge or skills that may have a gap now but can still be addressed. If you can identify them now, then you would have more time to train and improve it. Your skills are essential as they are the one who will help you in figuring out the career that will suit you best and where you are likely to excel. Through identifying them, you are giving yourself a chance to find a job that is made for you.

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