How Blogging Can Help You Get Your Dream Job


A professional and well-written blog could be a remarkable chance to show up your skills, this also highlights other skills that you might have such as:

  • Creative, smart as well as capable of writing clearly and fluently on relevant subjects
  • Interested and motivated in your area of practice
  • Professional in a specific field
  • Passionate about your profession
  • Want to enter dialogue as well as engage with like minded people
  • A good artistic fit who has something to give an employer.


How Can Blogging Help You Look for a Job you Want? 

A blog allows you to emphasise your skills and talents on your application paper, time ten. Like for instance, if you are a writer, you can post some samples of your creative writing. Although you are an accountant or an IT professional, you can write your provoking ideas on the new technology or put in a testimonial from clients. However, just ensure what you made is precise as well as well-supported.

Offers Optimistic Digital Footprint 

Each time you apply for a specific position, the first thing an employer will do is to assess you online. If you have a blog, it will give companies a positive picture of your character as well as how you carry yourself both professionally and personally. And not like being labelled or attached to a public and unflattering image of yourself on social media sites, your blog has content which you can totally control to show yourself in the most excellent light possible.

Helps Build a Network 

Companies are not just searching for workers who bring skill and superior knowledge, but they also want somebody who is well-associated. Therefore, while you might have hundreds of connections on social media sites, having blogs which have a devoted readership expresses that you have the talent to make and keep connection both in the real and digital world.

Keeps You Sharp and Current 

Once you have been searching and scanning online for job advertisements for a while, it is easy to allow your knowledge slip a bit. Blogging will not just keep your awareness current, however, be blogging also keep your knowledge sharp as you make a fresh new article for your readers on an unfailing basis.

Blog Makes your Attractive and Appealing to Employers

If hiring managers or supervisors read resumes on a daily basis, it could get uninteresting, really fast. Once you have blogs which shows not just your talents and skills, but also you whole personality, which makes you set apart from thousands of job seekers who submitted their application paper on a well presented watermarked paper. All of a sudden, you become a potential job candidate.

Having a blog will assist you to stand out from other job seekers and most of all it will provide you that additional edge in looking for a job.

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