Have you advanced your career in 2017?

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The end of the year has come, and it's time to evaluate what happened in your career in 2017 and set goals for 2018. If you've done a career plan for the last 12 months, it's easier to measure your progress. But even if you did not do this preparation last year, you may have a good idea by answering this five questions:

Did you gain responsibility? 

Gain more responsibility is a way of companies show to employees that they trust their work. If you have been more involved in strategic projects for the business, you are probably considered as a talent that can bring value to the organisation.
Often the increase of responsibility doesn't come with a salary adjustment, and it can be viewed as a bet on the company in your potential. Embrace the opportunity and show what you are capable of.

Have you become more consulted in decision-making? 

If your colleagues, peers, subordinates, and leaders have solicited your opinion and considerations before making decisions, you may consider this a sign that you are being perceived as a benchmark in what you do within the company.

What were your KPI's? 

If possible make a list of the projects, routine tasks, sales and others key performance indicator (KPI)  that you have provided for the company. Assess whether you have gained some form of award recognition or simply positive feedback from the manager in public or in particular 

Were you able to show your KPI's and the impacts they had on the organisation? 

It is not enough just to consider that you have fulfilled your role, it is critical that you measure how much of your work has collaborated to reach the company's goals and make the leadership aware of it. 

Do you feel you still have something to learn?

It is worthwhile to include this reflection. Take a self-assessment and consider areas of improvement and some knowledge gaps that you might have. This self-awareness will help you to advance your skills and competencies and perform better in your job.

Goals for next year

Create a simple plan reflecting and defining where you want to be in the next five year from now. Both professionally and personally.The secret to success is self-awareness, to know where you want to go and why. Next, list your personal and professional goals. It is a good idea the use the SMART technic, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based.

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