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FRS Recruitment Webinars

As we propelled into a world of virtual working, virtual socialising and virtual training, FRS Recruitment quickly responded by hosting free webinars for all employers and job seekers. We introduced two new webinar series 'Pause & Prepare' to share information and advice to job seekers and 'Leading Through People' to help employers through these unprecedented times.

Pause and Prepare Webinar Series- For Job Seekers

Job seekers, why not take this opportunity to learn new skills and prepare for the future.

Over the next few weeks we will be hosting webinars to share our knowledge and expertise on the recruiting industry.

Episode one: Preparing the perfect CV 

Featuring Senior Recruiters Daniella Noelle Maria

Episode two: Mastering an online interview

Featuring Senior Recruiters Aisling, EmmaMiriam.

Episode three: Temp vs. Contract, Facts and Figures

Featuring FRS Recruitment Managers Darragh, Niamh and special guest David O'Reilly - Managing Director, Fenero

Episode four: Showcase your professional brand with LinkedIn

Featuring FRS Recruiters Dara and Thomas with special Guest Mark Valentine from LinkedIn

Leading Through People Webinar Series - For Clients 

This webinar series focuses on helping businesses of all sizes nationwide. Covid 19 has many different impacts on businesses and although we find ourselves in unknown and unfamiliar circumstances, we can all benefit by sharing information to help each other through these times.

Episode one: Understanding and reacting to the new economic normal

Featuring FRS Recruitment General Manager Colin, Kevin Green HR Strategy advisor and Susan Hayes Culleton, CFA

Episode Two: Balancing Performance Management & Workplace Well being During a Crisis

Featuring FRS Recruitment General Manager Colin, Kevin Green HR Strategy advisor and Shane O'Sullivan, Executive, Leadership & Performance Coach at Inspiring Excellence 

Episode Three: Remote working, is it here to stay?

Featuring FRS Recruitment General Manager Colin, Kevin Green HR Strategy advisor and Alison Hodgson, People VP at Virgin Media.

Episode Four: The Future of Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Featuring FRS Recruitment General Manager Colin, Kevin Green HR Strategy advisor and Hung Lee, Curator of Recruiting Brainfood

Episode Five: Returning to work safely

Featuring FRS Recruitment Commercial Manager Maria WeaferPaula Mumford, Health & Safety Team Manager SeaChange and John Gorman, Director, Sunflower HR

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