Susan O'Callaghan

Susan O'Callaghan

Susan O'Callaghan

Senior Recruitment Consultant

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A bit about Susan O'Callaghan

Susan is a Senior Recruitment Consultant for the Healthcare Division with FRS, recruiting across Healthcare Divisions both nationally and internationally.

Susan is an experienced healthcare specialist with circa 12 years’ experience working in both public and private healthcare enterprises across Ireland and the UK. Susan possesses a wealth of knowledge in both hospital and healthcare operations and understands the vitality of both effective candidate placement and building and sustaining client relationships. Susan has a keen interest in the Business Development angle of the industry and is passionate about creating new opportunities and innovations across the healthcare sector to enhance the service we offer holistically to patients nationally. Susan is a highly motivated individual with incessant curiosity and desire to learn, progress and excel professionally. Susan is equipped to work efficiently, to be decisive, adapt and execute quick responses under pressure whilst delivering consistently high standards. Susan has strong written, verbal, and interpersonal skills including the ability to listen attentively and to communicate information clearly and effectively.