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Create a powerful resume using action verbs

When writing a CV is important to pay attention to the wording you are using to represent the past work experience. By the correct use of action verbs, you can convey a sense of energy and movement to the skills and accomplishments listed on your CV and cover letter. Employers usually are seeking…

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Interview Tips

Job interviews can be considered a rite of passage. Everyone needs to go through a job interview at some stage if they want to make a living. As nerve-wracking as they may be, a job interview is still the best method for a potential employee or employer to get to know each other and determine if…

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How to Write a Great Cover Letter

A lot of job applicants don’t know how to write emails or cover letters and as a result, they fail to convert their applications to interviews. Having a well-written cover letter that can maintain the interest or grab the attention of the employer is considered a core job search skill. When applying…

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